Dante Webinar Series (2021)

The Dante Webinar series was a very popular schedule of Dante AV networking training that took place in 2020 and 2021. It was a great opportunity to officially obtain new Dante Certifications, learn about Dante Domain Manager and join interesting discussions on case studies and Dante design principles. Additional training courses will be scheduled in the future in various languages, so please check back later for more information.

Webinar Topics:


Dante Certification Program

The Dante Certification Program lets your employers and customers know that you have the knowledge and skills to implement Dante networks. In the listings below, classes have been organized in a succession through the Dante Certification.  Attendees are welcome to pick up at their skill level and attend from different paths as scheduling allows. 

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Dante Certification Level 1 ("Second Edition")

Dante Certification Level 1 introduces attendees to the Dante platform. If offers some fundamental knowledge on digital audio, networking addresses and how to use Dante Controller with your Dante devices. This is enough knowledge to operate a Dante system in daisy chain mode or on a single network switch.

Dante Certification Level 2 ("Second Edition")

Dante Certification Level 2 offers a deeper explanation of what goes on in the network that is helpful when creating larger networks. This class offers insights on how much bandwidth is used, how to manage it conservatively, basic optimization and factors at play if you wish to chase an external word clock. This is very helpful when working on systems that will involve multiple network switches.

Dante Certification Level 3 

Dante Certification Level 3 is a deep dive in to networking, offering a clearer view in to the typical converged network at a business enterprise.  This is not required knowledge to operate Dante on dedicated network hardware.  However, this knowledge is extremely helpful when putting Dante on a converged enterprise network – it builds an understanding and vocabulary to help better understand and work with the IT staff.  This also offers insights on how Dante naturally traverses a Layer 3 network.


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Latin America (Spanish)

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North America (English)

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Australia & New Zealand (English)

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English (EMEA)

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Previous Design & Case Study Webinar Recordings

If you missed webinars that were special events, you can still view the archived webinar!

Soluciones Dante para integraciones AV, Grabaciones, Broadcast y Eventos en Vivo

Language: Spanish

El 24 de septiembre de 2020, Miguel García de Audinate, Eduardo Quintero y Angel Ahuactzin de Allen & Heath analizaron el proceso de uso de Dante con Allen & Heath en integraciones AV, grabaciones, retransmisiones y eventos en vivo.

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Dante Over Distance

Language: English

Achieving creative audio and video collaboration over long distance has, in the past, meant a compromise on quality or the acceptance of technical limitations. As seasoned innovators in the successful delivery of live performance across borders, our panelists will offer a unique insight into the evolution of technology in this area. Using examples of their own work in the field of collaborative live performance across borders, they will show how Dante is being used today as an integral part of delivering studio quality audio and video over distance.

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Designing and Managing the World’s Largest Single-Room Speaker System at the Royal Albert Hall

Language: English

The Royal Albert Hall is perhaps England’s most iconic venue, with a 150-year history of live events across arts, sports and politics. As is often the case with venues built before the advent of electronic sound reinforcement, this venue was known as an acoustically challenging space for audio teams. Join us for a discussion with the manufacturers, solution designers, integrators and the Royal Albert Hall Head of Production. Learn how they addressed these challenges in a recent make-over of acoustics, reinforcement and infrastructure, leading the way for live events in to the 21st century.

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The Art of the Streaming Mix for Houses of Worship

Language: English

Now more than ever, Houses of Worship are leaning on internet streaming to reach their congregations. As they do, they are likely finding this piece of the production puzzle was neglected. Join us for a discussion with industry experts about making the most of this key element, making it more engaging even with modest budgets and limited staffing.

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