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Audio Networking Trends 2016

The largest annual audio networking survey results are in! Learn the trends from RH Consulting's latest survey 



Audio professionals need to know what's happening in the industry in order to serve their clients and attract new ones. Even when YOU know that networked audio is right for a project, clients like to know they are implementing a system that will work for years to come.

This 2016 independent survey, conducted by a leading audio consulting firm, RH Consulting of the UK, draws on audio professionals around the globe. It answers these important questions and more:

  • How many of your projects include networked audio?
  • Which audio networking protocols are you using and how does this compare to previous years?
  • Why do you choose one protocol over another?
  • And for those not using audio networking now, which protocol would you choose?

The trends are clear for those wondering about the future of AVB, Cobranet, Dante, EtherSound and RAVENNA. Download the whitepaper and find out!

Download the Whitepaper