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How Dante AV-over-IP Delivers Safer, Socially-Distanced Conference Rooms

Learn more about the critical components of complete, scalable solutions.



A post-COVID 2020 update to the whitepaper "How Dante AV-over-IP Delivers Better Quality, Centrally Managed Conferencing".

Conferencing capabilities have been on the rise prior to the recent pandemic but now must be considered crucial. With substantial numbers of people working from home and in socially distanced workplaces, the ability to create a safe and effective environment for communication is critical to productivity, safety and the ability of companies to stay in business.

Audio-over-IP solutions like Audinate’s popular Dante are widely available in products from hundreds of manufacturers, providing a toolset that ensures a consistent, intuitive workflow with 100% easy interoperability between devices.

This white paper discusses how, even used in a simple implementation, Dante addresses most of the concerns we have for safe, socially-distanced conferencing and is extendable to address many more.

Este "white paper" esta disponible en Español!

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