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Gregg Oosterbaan, Vice President of Technology Strategy for Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Ed Walters, Owner of The Solution LLC, an audio integration firm for Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is more than just a welcoming home for wild animals. The zoo also boasts a water park, golf course, various dining options and hosts countless special events throughout the year, ranging from charity fundraisers to holiday light shows. To provide an immersive experience for guests, Gregg Oosterbaan and Ed Walters came together and put their trust in Dante Domain Manager to enhance community engagement.

“We have a very strong community of people here who we like to support. Whether that’s through public address systems, special events or large corporate outings, keeping our technology and audio systems on the forefront is important to us and Dante Domain Manager helps us do that.”
Gregg Oosterbaan, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

With Dante Domain Manager, the Columbus Zoo is able to unify their systems and control audio streams, where they stream to, and who has access to the streams. This allows the Zoo to use quality audio as a method for community engagement and creating an immersive experience for guests throughout the property.

“Taking care of a system, and the many sound systems as we have at the Columbus Zoo can be a management nightmare. But while using Dante Domain Manager, the ease of management allows us to spend less of our time worrying and more time focusing on the important aspects of the network."
Ed Walters, Owner of The Solution LLC

Jonathon White, AV Technical Manager for AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, Texas

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is a massive, four performance-hall venue located in Dallas, Texas that hosts more than 400 performances each year. Jonathan White, the center's AV Technical Manager, turned to Audinate, Dante and Dante Domain Manger to manage the AV and IT needs of the center to provide audio that is secure, scalable and manageable.

“Dante Domain Manager is changing how audio and video networks work. It brings the best of IT functionality with its security and benefits to the world of audio in a way that makes thing streamlined and easy to use.”
Jonathan White, AT&T Performing Arts Center

With Dante Domain Manager, White and his team are able to control all aspects of the performance and streamline the AV and IT process in a single location. Dante Domain Manager’s innovative technology provides AV and IT professionals with a scalable and secure network solution. And it builds seamlessly upon existing and new installations of the thousands of Dante-enabled products on the market and currently in use.

Five Things about
Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager is a complete network management solution for Dante AV systems. It secures Dante networks and enables nearly unlimited expansion of audio installations.

  • Organize Dante networks any way you choose, independent of network infrastructure.
  • Create secure domains for buildings, zones, rooms or functions.
  • Grant users and devices the privileges needed for secure, confident operation.
  • Check system status with dashboards and alerts.
  • Complete audit trails for every action, device and user.

Dante Domain Manager provides IT departments and AV managers the administrative tools they need, bringing robust security and flexibility to audio networking.

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