What is Dante?

Dante audio-over-IP is the ideal network platform for paging and voice alarm systems. Dante brings robust redundancy, ease of use, flexible security, and nearly unlimited scaling to your products with perfect, lossless audio clarity. Dante places no limits on an end user's system topology, allowing them to design systems that are ideally suited to any environment. And because Dante is the most widely used audio-over-IP solution in the world, there are thousands of compatible products available for installers to work with.

The Benefits of Dante in Paging and Voice Alarm


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Perfectly suited to EN-54 compliance that provides professional audio quality throughout, well above the requirements of voice alarm standards. Dante-based paging systems can be tied to any general-purpose audio network, making it easy to provide background music in public spaces Support for both centralized and distributed system architecture No limits on topology, letting customers design and develop voice alarm systems as required Dante supports the use of interference-free network fiber for complete isolation from noise and issues of multiple power sources

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Dante is available to manufacturers of audio and video products in several formats that suit different product types. If you would like to learn more about adopting Dante audio networking into your products, contact sales or check our our Guide to Solutions for Manufacturers for an easy comparison of Audinate's solutions to help you decide how to best implement Dante into your products.

Guide to Solution for OEMs
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Webinar: Dante AoIP in Voice Alarm and Paging Systems

On 10 December 2020, Audinate and Roland Hemming, RH Consulting's Principal Consultant hosted an hour deep-dive discussion on the use of Dante audio-over-IP (AoIP) in voice alarm and paging systems. They explored voice alarm requirements and regulations, and demonstrated how audio networking provides a robust, manageable platform for versatile, reliable audio systems of any size and scale.

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Webinar Dante Audio-over-IP in Voice Alarm and Paging Systems


White Paper: Dante and Voice Alarm

Dante digital audio solutions have been used for voice alarm purposes almost as long as Dante has been around, The first Dante life safety system was deployed in 2008 with 148 channels of amplification. Since that time, the flexibility that Dante offers the audio industry in general has also been proven to match those of the needs of life safety.

This white paper discusses how modern voice alarm systems can employ Dante audio networking technology to provide compliant life safety solutions worldwide.

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White Paper: Dante and Voice Alarm

ASL White Paper & Case Study

ASL white paper: Whilst the variety and performance of products certified to EN54 has increased considerably, the user requirements for larger project sound systems has also expanded. As such, a hybrid EN54 / Dante system is highly desirable. This can now be achieved with seamless connectivity between both systems, dramatically enhancing overall solutions.

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ASL case study: The U-Arena is a multi-use 40,000 capacity domed stadium, in the heart of La Défense, a suburb of Paris. ASL partnered with its French distribution partner FreeVox and project integrator Videlio, France, to deliver a comprehensive EN54 compliant, multizoned sound system for the new arena’s public and performance spaces. This project embraces an entwined Dante™ and fully EN54 compliant, single system solution within the entire venue.

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