Better quality conferencing. Scales with your business. Easy for IT. Dante & Dante Domain Manager take your conferencing to the next level.

Businesses need communications that are secure, scalable and most of all manageable.

Dante is the de-facto standard in audio-over-IP (AoIP) solutions, powering countless installations with products from hundreds of manufacturers to deliver pristine, noise-free audio over existing network infrastructure. Adding Dante Domain Manager brings centralized, IT-level management to Dante systems, helping IT to address problems before they start. Learn more.

Upgrade from unmanaged and troublesome USB and analog devices. With Dante audio networking and Dante Domain Manager, you can integrate your business audio needs with your existing network safely and easily, allowing for easy and flexible deployments to address conferencing and event requirements that are managed like any other IT resource.

Oversee dozens of securely isolated conference spaces in one location, with complete control over user access to AoIP network resources.

Solve problems of scale and distance with easily configured subnet bridging, allowing Dante to fit your network designs and not the other way around.

WHITE PAPER: How Dante AV-over-IP Delivers Better Quality, Centrally Managed Conferencing

WHITE PAPER: How Dante AV-over-IP Delivers Better, IT-Managed Conferencing to BusinessesConferencing is more important than ever.

We hear again and again how critical conference capabilities are for business: how it empowers employees, allows for greater flexibility, reduces the need for expensive travel and enables remote workers to be as productive as their office-bound counterparts. Yet too many people still attempt to use a laptop speakers and microphone to share a conversation with others. This less than optimal situation arises sometimes because users cannot figure out how to use existing equipment, the equipment doesn’t work well or they are simply unaware of any other solution.

This white paper discusses how moving to AV-over-IP improves the quality of conferencing and allows the system to be centrally managed and supported by IT.

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ARCHIVED WEBINAR: How Dante AV-over-IP helps IT management deliver high-quality conferencing solutions

WEBINAR: How Dante AV-over-IP helps IT management deliver high-quality conferencing solutionsOn Tuesday, April 7, Audinate and Shure delivered the webinar "How Dante AV-over-IP helps IT management deliver high-quality conferencing solutions," hosted by AV Technology. 

USB and analog-based conferencing solutions create unmanageable problems for IT departments and compromise both audio quality and device placement. Moving to an AV-over-IP system addresses many of these issues, improving the quality of conferencing with perfectly placed, high quality microphones, DSPs and speakers, and allowing the system to be centrally managed and supported by IT. This webinar looks at how a Dante-based conferencing solution using Dante Domain Manager looks and is installed to achieve these results.

Find out more about the webinar and panelists.

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