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Every Class.

Every Performance.

Every Game.

Dante Domain Manager takes your campus to the next level



Learn how Dante Domain Manager solves problems of multiple-subnet networks, security, and organization in your campus AV system


 Works across subnets: With Dante Domain Manager, your Dante AV network can span network subnets so you can reach every point in every lecture hall, classroom and event space, with no more AV “islands.”

Divide and conquer: Dante Domains are device groupings that let your staff work with the AV system as buildings, halls and spaces that you define, increasing ease of use and reducing errors.

Centrally managed: The Dante Domain Manager dashboard is available to you anywhere on campus, providing a single portal for all devices, domains and users as well as system status and alerts.

Security: Dante Domain Manager requires that every user be authenticated and assigned to specific domains, so you know exactly who is using the system at all times.


Dante Domain Manager at a Glance

Dante Domain Manager is a complete network management solution for Dante AV systems.

Dante Domain Manager provides the management and security that educational institutions demand for any AV system, adding user authentication, domain groupings and subnet management to Dante networks. Dante Domain Manager allows nearly unlimited expansion of your AV system to cover any needs today or tomorrow. Learn more.






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New White Paper: Audio Networking in Higher Education

Learn how Dante Domain Manager solves problems of multiple-subnet networks, security, and organization in your campus AV system

Imagine an audio system seamlessly covering your entire campus. Hundreds of devices in different areas, some stationary and some portable. Distances might range from 50 feet for a single room to thousands of feet for spaces around the school and associated buildings. And yet, everything can be easily connected to deliver flawless, real-time audio. Audio resources from around campus can be used together, no matter where they are located.

That lecture a professor wanted you to record? Done, directly to a server in another building. Connecting rooms to the stadium audio system to share game play? Done from any point on campus with a few mouse clicks.

A Dante-based system with Dante Domain Manager lets you extend your audio system without the limits of other AV-over-IP solutions, addressing your entire campus as one coherent platform to serve the needs of teachers, students and faculty.



Higher Education Case Studies: Dante Domain Manager in Action



University of Southern California
From Anywhere on Campus to Anywhere in the World – How Audinate’s Dante Helps USC Reach Every Student In The Time Of COVID-19

In a demonstration of the versatility, robustness and high performance of Audinate Dante AV network technology, the University of Southern California (USC) has deployed a vast AV network to over 248 learning environments that will be foundational for a new hybrid distance/on campus educational program the school will roll out this fall.





Texas A&M University
12th Man Productions Provides Access to All Texas A&M Fans Thanks to Dante and Dante Domain Manager

With the Kyle Field renovation, the university began moving toward an IP infrastructure for their audio network. Texas A&M designed a system comprised of manufacturers and technologies, including JBL and Harman loudspeakers, Soundweb BSS systems, Yamaha CL boards, and RIO 32 Dante stage boxes.




Utah State University

Remote Classrooms: Going the Distance with Dante and Dante Domain Manager


Utah State University offers online courses and live, interactive broadcasts where students can remotely attend live classroom presentations and communicate with the instructor. This is critical for the university in its effort to serve rural areas of Utah. And that’s why Utah State University relies on Dante Domain Manager to ensure students are connected with crystal clear audio.



Dalarna University

Connecting Students with Dante for Long-Distance, Real-Time News, Theater and Music Productions


Dalarna University College is a public institution located about 125 miles northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. With around 400 students in the university's university’s Mediehuset (The Media House) at any given moment, Dante Domain Manager has become critical for protecting the network, setting permissions, and isolating subnets.





University of Colorado Denver

Streamlining Workflows & Elevating the Curriculum with Dante Domain Manager


The University of Colorado Denver has been working with Dante audio networking since 2015, but its recent implementation of Dante Domain Manager saves even more time and money by allowing for more efficient AV design across recording studios, live rooms, performing venues, post-production spaces, and more buildings scattered across the campus.



California Baptist University

Scaling with Dante to Meet a Huge Range of Audio Networking Needs


From high-end music productions and performances to academic lectures and sporting events, a Dante audio network runs through the entire California Baptist University campus to support the ever-increasing demands of several diverse departments. Using Dante Dante Domain Manager has provided a way to easily and securely share and manage audio content throughout the campus.



WEBINAR: Dante Domain Manager in Higher Education Summit

In this webinar, Audinate and our special panel of AV/IT decision-makers in an array of university settings gathered for a summit on Dante Domain Manager in higher education. They discussed the unique challenges they have experienced while managing a networked AV system in higher education, and how Dante Domain Manager has addresses these challenges.






Video: The Benefits of Dante in Higher Education

In this video, learn more about how Dante Domain Manager allows educational institutions to increase efficiency, reduce cost, improve security, and improve system uptime.





Dante Domain Manager Application Diagrams

We've created a series of system diagrams showing some of the most common scenarios of AV applications, including how you might create a more secure and more manageable system using Dante Domain Manager and its IT-style tools.