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Download Zenso DMeter



DMeter v1.0.29.1

Release date: 2022-11-15

Zenso DMeter Support and User Guide


Go to Audinate's Dante-enabled products - Third Party Applications page

Go to Zenso's DMeter page

DMeter version Release Notes:


Updated to Dante Application Library (DAL) version (latest version) which fixes security vulnerability in mDNSResponder.exe on Windows.


Integrated DAL Version (latest version)


Known issue:

License activation on Apple computers with Apple Silicon (M1 or M2) is strictly associated to the specific ethernet adapter used at time of purchase and activation. Each new adapter will require a new license at present.

We are working to address this with an update to the license server, so that the adapter can be changed and DMeter will remain licensed. When fixed, existing DMeter software will work even if you use a different adapter. We will remove this notice when the license server is fixed.


If you purchase DMeter and activate it with a specific removable ethernet adapter (e.g. a specific USB-C dongle), that DMeter will only be activated when using that specific adapter. If a different adapter is used then the activation will no longer work and DMeter will appear as unlicensed.

When the license server update is complete, previously downloaded and activated DMeter software will work even after changing the ethernet adaptor. This will not require any update of the DMeter software.

DMeter version Release Notes:

Windows and Mac

    • Added always on top checkbox in settings
    • Added setting of Topmost flag in MainWindow and ApplySettings
    • Windows update to Visual Studio 2022
    • Fixed Channel colors not being remembered after app restart
    • Made call to save source device data on RemoveDevice run in background like all other calls do
    • Made main window remember it's position (was previously open in the center of main window)

DMeter version Release Notes:

Windows and Mac

Initial Release