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Download Zenso DMeter



DMeter v1.0.30.1

Release date: 2023-04-10

Zenso DMeter Support and User Guide


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DMeter version Release Notes:

All Platforms

  • DS-1050: Setting a device-wide non-PCM24 encoding results in a non-compliant Dante device
  • DS-974: The event functions getLatePacketCount and getNonSequentialPacketCount were not reporting correctly
  • DS-1071: DAL manufacturer ID and model ID information was not available to Dante API browsing functions

Windows Only

  • DS-982: Fixed errors with activation on some Windows PCs
  • DS-1003: Minor enhancements and fixes to C#/C++ examples on Windows

macOS Only

  • DS-971: Fixed warnings in example code
  • DS-1112: DAL would not run correctly on macOS version 13.1 and higher

Known Issues

  • DS-1119: If a model ID is used that begins with a null / 0 character, it will not be accessible in Dante API. Workaround: Use a model ID that does not begin with a null / 0 character.
  • SAG-1244: When running DAL with a private instance of mDNS Discovery on a Windows computer, Dante Controller might not correctly show the DAL device. Workaround: Restart the ConMon service and Dante Controller.
  • SODA-1324/DS-698: The "rxname" and "txname" command line arguments in the C++ examples are incorrectly interpreted when run in Windows Powershell. Workaround: Run from Command Prompt or your IDE.

  • DS-521: If a Dante Via device is running on the same computer system as the DAL device and there are no other hardware devices to act as clock leader, the DAL device will not be able to obtain clock sync from the local Dante Via clock leader.
    • Workaround: Add a Dante hardware device to the network, or run Dante Via on another PC system.
  • HD-222: In specific installations containing Crestron UC-160 running Windows 1803, audio stalls have been observed after continuous runs over multiple days in networks under load. The issue is possibly related to Windows high resolution counter peculiarities on specific hardware platforms.
    • Symptoms include:
      • All DAL RX packets are late (with avg. and max. close to the same value)
      • All DAL TX packets are early (absence of latency data or consistently late latency data)
        Restarting DAL does not fix the issue
    • Workaround is to upgrade to a newer Windows version.

DMeter version Release Notes:


Updated to Dante Application Library (DAL) version (latest version) which fixes security vulnerability in mDNSResponder.exe on Windows.


Integrated DAL Version (latest version)

DMeter version Release Notes:

Windows and Mac

    • Added always on top checkbox in settings
    • Added setting of Topmost flag in MainWindow and ApplySettings
    • Windows update to Visual Studio 2022
    • Fixed Channel colors not being remembered after app restart
    • Made call to save source device data on RemoveDevice run in background like all other calls do
    • Made main window remember it's position (was previously open in the center of main window)

DMeter version Release Notes:

Windows and Mac

Initial Release